TAG: Torah, Avodah, G’milut Chasadim



TAG is our sixth through tenth grade program. It is here that we take what we’ve learned as children and put it into practice! Classes run from 6:30-8:00 on Wednesdays, with pizza served beginning at 6:00. 


Sixth through ninth graders choose from a variety of electives that encourage us to continue learning and living Jewishly. Past electives have included:

  • Jewish History through Synagogue Architecture
  • Musar (Jewish values) through Movies
  • Holocaust and Art
  • Engaging with Israel

Each trimester focuses on one of the three components that make up TAG:

Fall: Torah at its core means Learning. Classes for this trimester can include anything involving the acquisition of knowledge not had before, from history to contemporary issues, using Jewish texts to understand the world around us.

Winter: Avodah can be rendered as Holy Engagement. Classes for this trimester can include greater examination of our liturgy and prayers, comparative Judaism, Reform Jewish History, etc.

Spring: G’milut Chasadim translates to Acts of Loving-Kindness, an area we often define as social action. Classes can include Tikkun Olam Seminars (class-directed projects) or explorations of contemporary social action or social justice issues.


Confirmation is a special track designed for our tenth graders in their last year of formal Jewish education. We begin the year with a class on the Jewish involvement in civil rights, which leads up to our trip to Montgomery, Selma, and Birmingham. We discuss what it means to be a Jewish adult in the twenty-first century and how our heritage informs our beliefs and actions. Upon our return we shift our focus to the Confirmation service, in which we lead the congregation in T’filah and share our experiences with family, friends, and the greater community.