Pre-K through 5th Grade


Sundays mornings is a great time to be at Beth Torah! Our young learners and their families pray and learn together in a myriad of ways each and every week.

Here is what a typical morning at WRS looks like:

  • 9:00 Arrive for breakfast: grown-ups enjoy a bagel and coffee in the ulam (foyer) while young friends attend kids’ choir practice with Emily. Choir ends at 9:20 so everyone can enjoy some sustenance!

  • 9:30 Family T’filah (Worship): the whole community gathers in the sanctuary for a weekday morning service led by Rabbi Cattapan, Rabbi Kleinman, and Emily. We explore our prayers through a mixture of Hebrew, English, and song, as well as how our tradition teaches us to be our personal best.

  • 10:00 Chaverut (Friendship): our teen madrichim (leaders) facilitate amazing friendship-building activities for groups comprised of kindergarteners through fifth graders. We enjoy silly time friends, play silly games together, and get to know others beyond those in our own grade level. Grown-ups gather in the Memorial Room to say kaddish (memorial prayer) for loved ones.

  • 10:10 Grown-ups return to the ulam for another cup of coffee, time to utilize our Wi-Fi to catch up on work, socialize with other families, head off to a committee meeting, or attend an adult learning class.

  • 10:30 Young learners are off to class! Our grade-level classes are fun and engaging for all! We learn about Jewish culture, traditions, and how to live a Jewish life. Throughout the morning classes travel to some of our wonderful specials- art, music, library, and Hebrew. There’s so much to fit into just one day!

  • 12:00 Dismissal: you can grab a piece of pizza on the way out – our youth group sells pizza and snacks for the road so you can get on to your next activity!