The Grand Kidney Adventure
Shabbat morning, May 18th

Join us Shabbat morning, May 18th. You will hear from kidney sisters Martha Gershun and Deb Porter Gill during our 10:30 a.m. worship service. You will hear about the Grand Kidney Adventure, starring Deb, who received Martha’s “spare” kidney in a transplant operation on September 28th at the Mayo Clinic. They will speak about their journey, and the importance of organ donation.

Did you know that our member, Ron Sandhaus is in need of a kidney.  You might be a match!!

Ron is not one to openly share his private life and would prefer to fight the good fight on his own without a public announcement. However, he’s realizing that help is necessary now. He’s in the process of searching for a live donor. Ron has been on the active wait list at the University of Kansas Transplant Center for over two years now, but the wait can be long. His blood type is O+. You can help him in his efforts in several ways:

1. Spread the word to your family and friends who might know someone who is willing to serve as a donor. You can start by simply sharing this message on Facebook.

2. Prayers, positive support and thoughts for our family are always welcome and much appreciated.

3. You can learn more about donation from the National Kidney Foundation -

The number of people who need kidneys far exceeds the number of available organs. Becoming a live donor benefits everyone on the waiting list because each donated kidney shortens the wait for others on the list. Also, donors are encouraged to become part of a donation chain. Statistically, a donor who volunteers to donate to a particular person, will not be a match for that person but will be a match for someone else with an unmatched donor. In that case, each donor agrees to donate to the other’s recipient. This benefits 4 people -- 2 people receive the donors’ kidneys and 2 others move up on the waiting list.

It isn’t our place to ask you for your kidney - that is a very powerful and personal gesture for you to even consider - yet we would be humbled and grateful for such a selfless gesture.

Of course, I very much want Ron to be around to enjoy time with our family, play with his first grandson who is due in 8 weeks, see the Chiefs win the Super Bowl next year, continue to help victims of workplace discrimination, and keep rocking out on his guitar.