High Holy Days 2018/5779


High holy day worship schedule

View the High Holy Day Worship schedule and
download a PDF to print.

high holy Day participation form

One of the aspects of High Holy Day Services that enriches the experience for all of us is our tradition of including as many members as possible on the bimah during our worship services.

Participation can take many forms: opening the ark, lighting the festival candles, blessing the Torah, lifting, carrying or dressing the Torah. 

We also rely on volunteers to welcome congregants, pass out books and help late comers find seats. Your hands are also needed to help raise the congregational sukkah.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Laura at 913-498-2212.

Order additional high holy day tickets

Member tickets will be mailed automatically. Please note that tickets are not necessary for any children of Beth Torah members under the age of 18.

Please contact the office at 913-498-2212 for assistance with additional tickets.

High Holy Days Child Care

Congregation Beth Torah will provide professional child care for infants and children up to 5th grade.
This is offered as a service to our congregants with small children.

Please contact the office at 913-498-2212 to make reservations.

High Holy Day Parking

  • Please park in designated spaces only. Do not park along fire lanes as this restricts traffic flow in the parking lot. If you park in the adjoining neighborhoods, the residents have made the following requests:

  • Allow enough room for residents to get in and out of driveways easily.

  • Be careful to park at the curb, not on the grass. Sprinkler heads can be damaged if run over by tires.

  • Do not park in front of group mailboxes. The Postal Service will not deliver the mail if they cannot drive up to the box.

  • Handicapped Parking: Handicapped parking spaces are limited. We have designated additional handicapped spaces but we cannot guarantee that everyone with a sticker will have a space available
    to them.

  • Drop-Off: Drop off for family and friends will be allowed in the circle in front of the building.
    Please follow traffic patterns as directed by security.