Educating Our Future

Educating Our Future

In Summer 2015, Congregation Beth Torah made a dramatic statement of the importance of Jewish education. CBT eliminated tuition at the Weiner Religious School for its members, and opened its religious school  to everyone in the Jewish community, increasing its dedication to educating the next generation  of Jews in the Kansas City Jewish community.

This new approach to religious school was funded through the Educating our Future campaign, a three year effort to cover the $53,000 line item in the annual budget. In each of these three years, our members donated generously, and we came close to meeting our goal. We saw enrollment in the Weiner Religious School increase by 40% during that time.

You are invited to invest in the education of our children through the EoF campaign as we continue our effort to find a sustainable funding mechanism. 

In the words of WRS graduate Jacob Shaw: 

I don’t believe I would be nearly as connected to my religion if it wasn’t for my teachers here at Beth Torah.
I now realize how lucky I am because I was given an opportunity to discuss a lot of real world life issues in
my classes here and I already have sense of what
matters to me. 
Jacob Shaw and his sister, Sarah.

Jacob Shaw and his sister, Sarah.

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Special thanks to Molly Levinson, a sterling result of the religious school and confirmation student at CBT, for designing the beautiful logo for the Educating our Future campaign. 

Feel free to contact Linda Zappulla for any questions you may have about Educating Our Future.