Thank you to all who supported our 2nd annual 100 Days of Giving Campaign!

If you are connected to CBT’s Facebook Page, you got to read and witness the beautiful stories of your fellow members as they honored and celebrated their family and friends by choosing one of our 100 days.

I’m not sure about you but I looked forward to each day to see who was next, who I knew or didn’t know and then peruse through the pictures! I was able to see more about Joyce and Karen who have been our professional sitters on Shabbat, enjoyed wedding pictures of Hal & Carol Sader, Sharon & Jeff Altman and so many more, got to wish Happy Birthday to Valery Tokar, Linda Zappulla, and Louise Hipsh that I wouldn’t have known otherwise, fell in love with Ronnie Lerner’s wedding veil, discovered a new group in KC called Strangers No More: Women Building Bridges to Understanding, remembered Lexie Herman was graduating from high school and Linda Rubin retiring from the CDC at the Jewish Community Center. This only represents 10 days and there were 100!

The 100 Days of Giving was just one more creative way to showcase the lives of our fellow friends and members. Each year we have moved the timeframe to allow more people to participate to honor their friends and family be it their birthday, anniversary, promotion, graduation, new relationship, or for any other reason which would make someone smile!

Our community continues to step up, thank you! On behalf of the Fund Development Committee, thank you for your contributions and we look forward to round three in the next fiscal year!

Check out the photo album here to see where we have been. Keeping checking this Facebook page to see where we are going.

100 Days of Giving Sold-Out Dates

10 Sarah Derks & Tom Teller: In honor of the birthday of Sarah’s late sister, Mary Gliscinski
15 Sharon & Jeff Altman: Go Jayhawks!
16 Ellen Merrill: In celebration of my recent marriage, new home and successful surgery!
17 Rabbi Javier Cattapan: In celebration of the one year out mark for departure of the congregational trip to Israel
18 Doug Greenwald: In honor of the birthday of Pola Greenwald
19 Linda & Barry Katz: In celebration of the happiness we derive from supporting our community
20 Carol Ducak: In appreciation of Rabbi Javier Cattapan & Kris Gray
21 Barry Katz: In honor of Linda’s birthday
22 Jay & Andrea Zwibelman: In honor of Jay’s 56th birthday
23 Genna & Andrew Stowe: To raise awareness for the “March for Our Lives”
24 Jeff Antoniewicz: In honor of the 17th anniversary of the day Jeff Antoniewicz & David Saul first met
25 Vic & Adrianne Applebaum: In honor of the marriage of Michael Applebaum & Setareh Millerlile
26 Margie & Steve Cooper: In honor of the birthday of Margie’s late mother, Rose Levy Rudman on March 27th 27 Gloria & Howard Pitler: In honor of Gloria’s birthday
28 CBT Staff: In honor of Ulises, the keeper of our beautiful building who takes care of it with love
29 Jo-Ann Harris: In honor of my birthday
30 Kris Gray: In honor of my mother’s birthday tomorrow
31 Glenn Esser & Estelle Edelbaum: To celebrate hosting Estelle’s family for Passover

1 Rabbis Jon & Monica Kleinman: April Fools!
2 Laura & Tim Intfen: In honor of our 37th anniversary
3 Jim & Laine Decker: In honor of my new position
4 Sharon & Jeff Altman: In honor of Tracy’s new position as Dev. Director for JFS-Denver
6 SHANNY IS 60!!
7 Ellie Penner: In honor of Greg Herman on the occasion of his birthday
8 Spizman/Loggia Family: In honor of all EDUCATORS!
9 Laura Intfen: In honor of the Swade’s and Arkin’s for all the work they do for suicide prevention, and thinking of
     my sister on this day
10 Jack & Cindy Garfinkle
14 Barbara Gutierrez: In honor of my birthday
15 Mike & Ruth Worthington: In honor of Joel & Rebeca Worthington on the birth of our grandson, Jonas Leo
16 Amy & Shawn Kane: In honor of Claire’s adoption day
17 Valery Tokar: In honor of our anniversary
18 Phil Meltzer & Lauren Aaronson: Celebrate Spring!
19 Brandi, Shoshana & Jonathan: In honor of Greg Raymond’s birthday
20 Andrea, Jay, Lily, Mikay, Donny & Irv: Celebrating Andrea and Jay Zwibelman's vacation
22 Dave & Lezlie Zucker: In honor of Spring Session and Community Outreach
25 Stephanie Fleetwood: In honor of getting my braces off!
26 Noah & Miles Tarjan: Happy birthday Mom!
27 Robin O’Bryan: In honor of my retirement and my incredible Beth Torah Family. I WILL MISS YOU!!
28 Henri Goettel: I’m leaving today to study Jewish Greece IN GREECE WITH Melton!
29 Steve Cooper: In honor of the wedding anniversary of my parents
30 Ron & Julie Altman: In honor of our 38th wedding anniversary on May 4th

1 June Crane: In honor of all Beth Torah religious school teachers and especially in honor of Linda Rubin who is retiring from the CDC this May
2 Grammy: In honor of Sophia Herman on the occasion of her birthday
3 Laura Intfen & Barb Kitt: In honor of Tara’s birthday
4 In honor of Drs. Steve and Karen Arkin for being the honorary chairs of Beth Torah’s 30th Anniversary year
5 Gloria & Howard Pitler: In honor of our son David’s marriage to Sarah
6 Rachel Siegel, Jos LeBeau & Joel Siegel: In honor of mother’s everywhere
8 Louise Hipsh: In honor of my birthday
9 Bobby Young & Mary Crouch
10 Alisa Kartch: In memory of Joyce Kartch on what would have been her 90th birthday tomorrow
11 The Herman Family: In honor of Lexie Herman’s high school graduation
12 Denise Pakula: Just because
13 Mom: In honor of Miki Herman on the occasion of her birthday
14 The Herman Family: In honor of Mother’s Day
15 Boyd & Laura Bolter: In honor of Hannah Michelson’s birthday
16 Gloria & Howard Pitler: In honor of our 45th wedding anniversary on May 19th
17 Boyd & Laura Bolter: In honor of Rachel Bolter’s birthday
18 Bonnie & Mickey Swade: In honor of Bonnie’s birthday
19 Allison Roodman: In honor of Stella’s trip to France
20 Linda Zappulla: In honor of my birthday
21   Susan Tokar: In honor of Valery's birthday
22  Richard Bellotti: In honor of my birthday
23  Cox Family: In honor of my children, Rebekah, Richard, Brian and Andrew LaBlue and Beth, Micah, Miriam, Ruth, Esther, Sara, Adina, and Moriah Cox
24 SueAnn Strom: In honor of her granddaughter Nili’s 9th birthday
25 Ellie Penner: In honor of the anniversary of Miki and Gregg Herman
26 Steve & Margie Cooper: In honor of Alex and Ethan Reins’ confirmation
27 Fran & Whitey Kuhn: In honor of their anniversary on May 29th
28 Howard Stark: To celebrate the birthday of my mother, Jeanette Stark
29 Samantha Hammontree: In honor of Braxton’s confirmation
30 Anonymous
31  Jewish Community Relations Board-American Jewish Committee:  In support of Beth Torah opening its doors to occasionally host the Stranger No More: Women Building Bridges to Understanding group.

1  Drs. Keith and Maura Linas: In honor of the March 4th Bat Mitzvah of our daughter, Alana Campbell
2 Martha Gershun & Don Goldman: In celebration of the wedding of Nathan Goldman and Bridget Bergin
3 Teri & Ken Sackin: In honor of their 40th wedding anniversary
4 Nancy Solomon: In honor of her daughter Deborah’s birthday
6 Margie & Steve Cooper: In honor of the birthday of Margie’s late father, Mitchell Rudman
7  Ronnie & Larry Lerner: In honor of their 50th wedding anniversary on December 19th
9  Randi & Bill Friedlander: In honor of Carol & Hal Sader's 61st wedding anniversary
10 Betsy Wagner: In appreciation of Laura Intfen and the Friday night Shabbat babysitters
11 Jeff Antoniewicz: In honor of the birthday of Shaun & Maury Antoniewicz
12  Ann Shepherd: In celebration of the very fond memories of the 12 years my son, Jordan, and I spent living in KS and praying, studying, singing, contributing to social action projects and making new friends at Congregation Beth Torah.
13 Boyd & Laura Bolter: In honor of Boyd’s birthday
14 Stephen Steigman & Tamara Falicov: In honor of Avital Falicov’s 7th birthday
15 Anonymous
16 Emily & Andrew Kerstein: In honor of Samuel Kerstein’s 7th birthday
17 Lon & Suzy: Dear Dad, In honor of celebrating your 59th Father’s Day, we are wishing you many more in good  
     health, great happiness and peace!
18 Kathleen Stone: In celebration of climbing Mt. Shasta
19 Judy & Lloyd Hellman: In honor of our 63rd wedding anniversary on June 26th
20 Genna & Andrew Stowe: In honor of our 14th wedding anniversary
21 Susan & Joel Waxman: In honor of Susan’s birthday
22 Henri Goettel: “Just 5 more days until David’s 70th birthday!”
23  Hal Sader: In honor of everyone who purchased days during this unique and fun fundraiser.