Tisha B'Av

A community Tisha B’Av observance sponsored by the Rabbinic Association of Greater Kansas City will take place on Saturday, July 25th, at Congregation Beth Shalom, 14200 Lamar Avenue, Overland Park.  A light Seudah Shelishit (third meal of the Sabbath) will begin at 7:30 pm and a Mincha service with Torah reading will take place at 8:20. A study session “Learning to Prepare for Tisha B’Av” will take place at 9:00.  At 9:30, a Ma’ariv service will be followed by Lamentations (“Eichah”) which will be read in English and Hebrew.

This is a meaningful service with beautiful, mournful melodies, some engaging teaching, and a time for communal reflection on both painful times of our past and hope for our future. The fast will end at 9:30 PM Sunday evening. 

“Tisha B'Av (the fast day that is on the ninth of the Hebrew month of Av) commemorates more than simply the physical destruction of the two Temples,” states Rabbi David Glickman of Congregation Beth Shalom. “The sages teach that the Temple was destroyed by sinat chinam -- baseless hatred of one Jew toward another. By accepting this premise, one could say that baseless hatred was the root cause for the destruction of the Temple -- and all subsequent calamities that befell the Jewish people in the 2000 years since our exile from the Land of Israel. By multiple congregations, multiple rabbis and multiple types of Jews coming together to observe Tisha B'av, I truly feel that it is a bit of a "Tikkun" -- a "Repair" -- of the root of exile.”

For further information, visit kcrabbis.org or contact Annette Fish, Rabbinical Association Administrator/Program Director, afprogram@aol.com, 913-327-4622.