In December 1999, the members of Congregation Beth Torah voted to establish a cemetery for the Congregation by purchasing 200 burial spaces within the confines of Mt. Moriah South at 105th and Holmes Road in Kansas City, Missouri.

Mt. Moriah Cemetery was established in 1922. The cemetery grounds cover 200 acres in southern Jackson County, Missouri. Mt. Moriah is a full service cemetery and funeral home. In the future, the Beth Torah Section of the cemetery will be bordered by a hedge, setting it off from the greater cemetery as Beth Torah’s dedicated area.

If you are interested in purchasing cemetery space, please contact Jeanne Kort, Executive Director at 913/498-2212.


Purchase of Space and Burial:

Spaces are purchased through Congregation Beth Torah. Burial in the cemetery is subject to the rules and regulations of Mt. Moriah Cemetery and the rules and regulations of the Congregation under terms and conditions approved by the Board of Trustees.


Any ordained rabbi or other Jewish clergy may officiate at burials without special permission. Non-Jewish clergy seeking to officiate within the cemetery must consult the rabbi of Congregation Beth Torah prior to performing any service.


All grave markers are subject to the rules and regulations of The Cemetery which may be different from the rules and regulations in other sections of Mt. Moriah. All proposed grave markers must be submitted to the cemetery committee or its designee for approval as to the construction, size, design and inscription prior to placement on the grave.


No burial will be allowed unless payment in full for the cemetery space has been made in advance.

Refunds, exchange, transfer or sale of space:

The cemetery committee must approve requests for refunds, exchanges, transfer or sale of spaces. The Congregation has the right of first refusal for any of the above actions. Any repurchase by the Congregation will be at the original price less 10%. There will be a $75 transfer fee for exchanges, transfer or sale of spaces.