Mission & Vision

Congregation Beth Torah's Mission and Vision Statements

Congregation Beth Torah’s Mission Statement

Congregation Beth Torah is a modern, Reform Jewish congregation dedicated to creating an inclusive, caring community and providing opportunities for Lifelong Learning and meaningful worship. We strive to encourage and promote ethical Jewish Living, spiritual and personal growth, social justice and the continuity of the Jewish people. 

Congregation Beth Torah’s Vision Statement

Congregation Beth Torah is a congregation of committed and involved members that create an environment for modern Jewish Living based on principles of Torah.

We are committed to providing opportunities for Worship and Prayer (Avodah Litefilah) that, through a blend of innovation and tradition, encourage all members to participate communally and grow spiritually.

We are committed to providing Lifelong Learning (Limud Torah) opportunities that enable all congregants to understand and practice Judaism in every aspect of their lives.

We encourage and support our Youth (Noar) to develop as Jews and take their place within our congregation and the community at large.

We are a Caring Community (Gemilut Chasadim) where diversity is respected, where everyone is included and made to feel welcome and where members celebrate together and support one another.

We support the community through Social Justice (Tsedek) efforts to improve and maintain the quality of life where there are demonstrated needs.

We are committed to maintaining and building Volunteerism (Hitnadvut) as the lifeblood of our congregation.

We are committed to building a strong Connection (Kesher) with the Jewish and secular Communities of which we are a part.

We are committed to maintaining and developing a Staff (Tsevet) that strives for excellence in support of our congregational life.

We are committed to Fiscal Responsibility (Aharyut Kaspeet) through proper management by balancing the need for services and staff with the ability to pay for those needs.

We are committed to managing our Size (Godel) to preserve our sense of community, provide effective programming and maintain financial stability.

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