Facility Rental

To discuss renting out one of Beth Torah's many available spaces, please contact Laura Intfen in the office at (913) 498-2212.

Kashrut (Dietary Law) Policy

Eating is fundamental to Jewish life. It sustains us and reminds us to acknowledge God through our blessings, thereby binding us to God and the Jewish people. Because Congregation Beth Torah strives to welcome all Jews — including those who observe the dietary laws — we ask that all members of Congregation Beth Torah, when planning an event that includes serving a meal in the building, be sensitive to those with different dietary needs. Specifically, we ask that Beth Torah members abide by the following dietary rules and guidelines.

•    We do not concern ourselves whether the utensils, dishes, stoves, refrigerators, other appliances, counters, cookware or other implements used in preparing and storing food are kosher.
•    We do not allow the serving of any animal, fish or fowl that the Torah says is not kosher (pork or shellfish).
•    We encourage serving kosher food.
•    We prefer that all food served be either parve or dairy. When that is not the case, then there must be sufficient parve or dairy alternatives so that those who observe the dietary laws can eat without having to preorder a special meal. For instance, when meat is served, there must be separately available a vegetarian or dairy option, such as pasta without meat sauce. Salads and other side dishes should be plentiful and available separately from any meat dish.

For more information about kashrut, see www.kashrut.com


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