100 Days of Giving

Help us raise $10,000 toward Excellence in Programming

Have some fun while you give back to the Beth Torah community. Join our new “100 Days of Giving” campaign. This campaign supports Excellence in Programming: our music program, membership events, adult education, weekly nosh, oneg, Sunday breakfast and more. Tuesday November 29, 2016 is the first day, and it runs through March 8, 2017.


Buy a day for $100 and let us know what you are celebrating, or commemorating. Could be serious. Could be just for fun. Once the day is purchased, it’s gone. You’ll have to look for another date.


When they heard about it, current and past members of the Board of Trustees jumped on board, so the following days are already gone – call now to reserve your dates!

Nov. 29

December 7, 12, 31

January  5, 23

February 4, 8, 14. 16

March 8


Here’s what else you can expect:

  • Your date and reason will be posted on Beth Torah’s web-site, and on a giant calendar in the Ulam.
  • You or your kids can embellish your date if you want.
  • Certificate commemorating your special days.
  • Every date purchased before the start of the 100 days (so buy your day by November 28) will be entered in a raffle for a $100 Gift Card.
  • Additional raffles throughout the campaign
  • Monthly Shabbat blessing for campaign participants

Here’s a list of things you could celebrate:

  1. Make a self-donation to jumpstart our fundraising. This also lets our members see your personal commitment to CBT. Choose any day for this. Barry Katz kicked things off by selecting the first day of the campaign. Mike Ginsberg is closing the deal, choosing the last day to celebrate Rabbi Cattapan.
  2. Birthday: Celebrate your own, your parents, children, siblings.
  3. Anniversaries – wedding anniversary, date you moved to your current house, your current job.
  4. Graduations – kids, grandkids, siblings, friends. Celebrate them all.
  5. Fundraise on Facebook! Help us share this on Fb. Tell your Fb friends the date you chose. They can find out why by clicking on the 100 days calendar on our website.
  6. Kids last day of school before winter break, or religious school, or first day of winter break.
  7. Moving to a new place, buying a new house, date you paid off your mortgage.
  8. The day you retired.
  9. Jewish holidays – first day, last day, your favorite.

10. National Holidays: New Year’s Eve and New Year’s day will go quickly.

11. Look for one of the odd-ball holidays that appeals to you.  Some found in December:   4 Wear Brown Shoes Day 11 World Choral Day 20 Games Day January 23 Pie Day  February   2 World Play your Ukulele Day (buy it to honor Emily Tummons, our own ukulele player. March: 3 I Want You to be Happy Day, - Do your own research – there are bizarre and fun ideas out there!

12. Last day of Fall, First day of Winter

13. Your favorite seasonal food – or last food eaten out of your garden for the year

14. New Job or promotion or work anniversary

15. Honor Game Night inventors Matt and Shanna Haun or current hosts Stu Lewis and Andrea Zweibelman

16. Honor Membership Committee co-chairs SueAnn Strom and Scott Franklin

17. Your favorite day of the week

18. Honor a Beth Torah staff member or Weiner Religious School faculty member

19. Just because

How do you buy a date?  Call or E-mail Sharon Altman and tell her the date you want, and what you are celebrating. She’ll confirm the date is available, and find out how you want to pay for the day. Buy several days, and encourage your friends and family to do so as well.

Join the fun. Supporting the Beth Torah community is as important as supporting the social justice and community causes we all care so much about.