Joel's Ride "Wheels for Meals"

SAVE THE DATE - Sunday, June 8th, 2014

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This event supports community organizations

providing services to feed the hungry.


This ride is in memory of Joel Winston who was always up for a ride.  Joel strongly believed that we’re all responsible for helping others.  We love uniting his passion for cycling with his commitment to those in need.

Thank you so much to all of the volunteers and riders who participated in Joel's Ride on Sunday, June 2nd, 2013.


For more information about Joel’s Ride or to volunteer to help out the day of the event, contact Kacy Childs Levin at (913) 579-4360.  All proceeds from Joel’s Ride support Congregation Beth Torah’s social justice activities, including helping the hungry in our community.

 A word from Laura Intfen (June 2, 2013): It was a cloudy morning.  A nice breeze blew and it wasn’t too hot.  Once again, a perfect morning for a bike ride as over 120 riders mounted up on their bicycles to participate in Joel’s Ride.  There was a new 40-mile ride to look forward to and many dedicated riders were excited about the route.  Helping Beth Torah assist local agencies that feed people was on everyone’s mind as ride coordinator Kacy Childs Levin started the ride off at 8:00 a.m., with local news recording it for the entire community to see.  Kacy’s dedication to her late husband Joel Winston’s passions of bike riding and social justice morphed into a fun, community-filled morning for the 5th year.  Yasher koach, Kacy.

Of course, we are a community and, while Kacy is a hard worker, she also had a fabulous committee: Julie Hakan, Arthur Chaykin, Jody Hanson, Susan Kivett and route planner master Jay Luschen.  The day of the ride brought out volunteers of all types and ages and it was wonderful to see so much of our community working together.  Thank you to: Jane Lawless, Ellen Taylor, Lezlie Zucker, Maureen Salz, Kelly Kaplan, Julie, Brian and Brianna Hakan, Janice, Matt and Sadye Hendler, Boyd and Laura Bolter, Nicholas LeVine, Phyllis Goldberg, Alyson Spector, Rachel Goldstein, Martha Gershun, Linda Zappulla, the Winston family, and Sue Ann Strom.  These volunteers made sure that our riders were safe, hydrated and informed about the sudden detour that the city of Overland Park threw at us just the day before the ride.  

As you participate in our Social Justice programs throughout the year, whether at reStart, filling our barrels for Yachad and/or Harvesters, or delivering meals at Thanksgiving and/or Christmas time in Kansas City through Pleasant Green Baptist Church, Meals on Wheels Holiday Program, think about the beautiful morning, and the riders and volunteers who created a community with their passions for bike riding and feeding people.  We are the community we need, at Joel’s Ride Wheels for Meals.  See you next year!

For more information, contact:
Kacy Childs Levin (913) 579-4360





End of ride food provided by:  SPIN PIZZA, PANERA, & LIBERTY FRUIT