January at reStart

Thank you to our 2016 reStart Volunteers!!!!

A special thank you to Scott Franklin for all his hard work coordinating the volunteers for the January month at reStart!  A true mitzvah for our community.

Jeanne & Dan Adler, Sharon & Jeff Altman, Bass Family, Joan & Pete Cabell, Carroll Family, Chase Family, Amie Crane, Jackson & Jonathan Crane, Sarah Derks, Marie Difilippo, Carol Ducak, Emert Family, Brandi Fisher, Shoshana Fisher, Forman-Wright Family, Yali Franklin, Amy & Scott Franklin, Frumkin Family, Martha Gershun & Don Goldman, Tess Gerson, Deb Gill, Lindsay Gill, Sara Glass & Family, Henri Goettel, Goldstein Family, Hammontree Family, Chad Hansford, Hanson Family, Jo-Ann Harris, Hendrikse Family, Laura & Tim Intfen, Kershenbaum Family, Sydney Kitt, Kivett Family, Stephanie Kolb, John Lantos, Kacy & Mark Levin, Gail & Richard Lozoff, Asa Maker, Eli Maker, Milgrim Family, Kerry Miller Family, Andie & Cliff Neuman, Robin & Rod O’Bryan, Jordan Patt-Rappaport, Aden Patt-Rappaport, Rope Family, Gary & Amy Shaw, Sarah Shaw, Jacob Shaw, Shniderson Family, SueAnn Strom, Ellen Taylor, Waxman Family, Wolock Family, Nancy & Jay Yedlin, Zack Zwibelman

Congregation Beth Torah’s January at reStart Social Justice project.

Above, the Beth Torah chair people, meet with reStart representatives to work out all the details.  Pictured above left to right is: Alyson Spector (Beth Torah reStart co chair), Alissa Parker (reStart Manager of Volunteer Resources), Brenda Parker (reStart Hospitality Manager), Laura Intfen (Beth Torah Member Services Coordinator), and Scott Franklin (Beth Torah chair person).  

reStart, Inc. an interfaith ministry, is committed to providing shelter and supportive services to homeless men, women, youth and families.   

reStart Report - a letter from Steve Seigel

Hi, Scott,

I just read the article you wrote in last month’s Tekiah and I am humbled by your words. First of all, I want to thank you for taking on Beth Torah’s tradition of being reStart’s chair. As you know, with your hard work and dedication the rewards are endless. And now with the help of Kate as your co-chair the responsibilities are not as great as by doing it yourself. Second, with Beth Torah’s month at reStart you are seeing multiple generations volunteering, which shows us what an impact reStart means to so many. Not just for the residents and staff at reStart but for our members.  You mentioned I was on the ground floor of this project and believe me it was a lot of hard work. Yes, I did all the things you mentioned but I did it out of love and pride and with the congregation’s support. Without that support and caring we’d be just another group feeding the hungry, with no compassion, no respect, no understanding. How can we not smile when a child pleads to sweep and mop the floor on a late Sunday evening. 

It is members like you, Scott and Kate, who provide the leadership and who keep this amazing social justice project moving forward. I knew when I left CBT that new ideas, new menus, new friendships, new shenanigans would continue. And for that, I am truly blessed. Now you can breathe a sigh of relief that January is over until 2016. 


Steve Siegel - panman66062@yahoo.com