December Food Drives

Thank you to everyone who donated during the High Holy Day food drive. With our final push, we collected over 200 pounds more than last year!

The High Holidays have moved on, but hunger remains. Close to 17% of the population of Kansas and Missouri experience food insecurity.  This can affect school and work performance, social stability, and physical and mental health.

In 2015, 125,000 pounds of food was distributed to singles, families and older adults. Thirty percent of the people served are children under the age of 18. JFS assists people from all walks of life, regardless of religion. (JFS Website)

Below is a list of items most needed on an ongoing basis. If you’d like to donate goods related to Hanukkah, you might consider: instant mashed potatoes, canned sweet potatoes, canned green beans, stuffing mix, cranberry sauce, and wet wipes. 

Items most needed in the Food Pantry:

Kosher or Non-kosher Food Items:


Fresh produce from your garden


Beans, dried or canned

Canned fruit

Tomato products


Canned fish and chicken

Canned vegetable soup

Peanut Butter

Pasta sauce

Cake and dessert mixes



Non-Food Items:


Paper towels


Multi-purpose cleaner or wipes




Hand soap

Adult incontinence products


For more information about the Food Pantry, please contact Jo Hickey, JFS Food Pantry Director at (913) 327-8257 or email her at

High Holy Day Food Drive