Youth Activities & Education Committee:

This is a combined committee which is responsible for the policy and programming for the youth of Beth Torah including, TYG, JYG, 5th and 6th grade youth groups, and college programming.  This committee also develops ways to meet the educational needs of our Weiner Religious School, creates a supportive environment for religious growth through joint learning for parents and children, and supports the Religious School administrator and faculty. (Chair: Jody Hanson jhanson72@sbcglobal.net)

Thank you to the following people for agreeing to be room parents this year – and to Debbie Chase, our Room Parent Chair from YAEC.  You’ll hear from these individuals throughout the year – they’ll remind you about Parent Breakfasts and help coordinate some special classroom activities and events. Say “yes” when they ask for your help – and thank them for all they are doing while you are at it!  Stephen Steigman & Tamar Falicov (Pre-Kindergarten), Deb Skiles (Kindergarten), Elizabeth Lenz (1st Grade), Brandi Fisher & Allison Roodman (2nd Grade), Deb Skiles (3rd Grade), Christa Balanoff (4th Grade), Kerry Miller (5th Grade), Eileen Kershenbaum (6th Grade).