5th/6th Grade TWYG

Youth Group Dues

Families with children in 5th – 12th grades received a form via e-mail last month reminding you about Youth Group dues.    We hope everyone will want to join our 5th Grade TWYG, 6th Grade TWYG, Junior Youth Group – JYG (7th & 8th Graders) and/or Beth Torah Youth Group - BTTY (9th – 12th Graders).  Youth group opens up the possibility of meeting other Jewish teens from all over the Midwest.   Dues are very “affordable”, ranging from $10 a year for TWYG and JYG dues to $35 a year for NFTY/BTTY dues (which includes Regional and National dues as well as local).  This is a time when it’s right to follow the crowd.  Dues for TWYG and JYG help defray general costs of programming for this age group.  NFTY/BTTY dues are required for any teen who will be attending regional programming.  And don’t’ forget – all Jewish youth are welcome at Beth Torah youth programs regardless of congregational affiliation.