Summer Camp News

JCC Summer Camp Enrollment beings Sunday, February 12th.  Come in for your change to win big camp discounts! For more information visit or call Bridey Stangler at (913) 327-8079

Summer Camp Mail

ALL KIDS LOVE TO GET MAIL WHILE THEY ARE AT SUMMER CAMP!  Please e-mail information about your child’s summer plans to Marcia Rittmaster as soon as you know them.  She writes every Beth Torah student while they are at camp.   Make sure your child isn’t left out!  Call her at the Beth Torah office or e-mail her at with your child’s information, including which camp and the dates they will be there.

Eligibility for $1000 Summer Camp Incentives!

If your child is a first-time camper, attending a Jewish camp session for 19 days or longer, he or she may be eligible for a financial incentive for summer camp! Children who have attended a Jewish overnight camp for fewer than 19 days in previous years are also eligible. For more information, go to, or contact Karen Gerson at  The One Happy Camper financial incentive for summer camps is brought to you by the Jewish Federation of Greater KC.