Schedule of Events

Congregation Beth Torah celebrates The Installation of Senior Rabbi Javier E. Cattapan

Due to a forecast of cold, driving rain, the Bagel Walk N Talk scheduled for Sunday morning, April 30th is postponed. Mark your calendar now for Sunday, September 10th, the 1st day of Religious School for a morning of walking, talking, bagels and flapjacks! More details to come soon. But nothing else in the schedule has changed: Join us at 4:30 this afternoon for a workshop led by our Scholar in Residence, Rabbi Rami Shapiro: The Sacred Art of Loving Kindness. Then stay for a Nosh of some wine and heavy appetizers Then join us at 6:30 pm in the sanctuary for the official Installation Ceremony for Rabbi Javier E. Cattapan. There is free babysitting available from 5:30-8:30 pm Sunday morning come on in and join us for a conversation led by Rabbis Rami and Cattapan on: B’rachot, expressing gratitude for life’s gifts and wonder.

April 28-30 2017 with the following events:

Friday, evening

6:00……….Celebratory Nosh


7:45……….Festive Oneg with Rabbi Rami’s message:
Judaism as an End Spells the End of Judaism; Why we need to move beyond identity focused Judaism.

Saturday, all day

9:00……….Rabbi Rami and Rabbi Mark Levin discuss: Questions Over Answers:
“Lo BaShamayim He—It Is Not In Heaven

10:30………Worship and Expanded Kiddush

4:30……….Rabbi Rami will lead a workshop: The Sacred Art of Lovingkindness

5:30……….Nosh (wine, cheese & heavy appetizers)

6:30……….Havdalah & Installation


Sunday, morning

8:00……….Bagel Walk ‘N’ Talk
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10:15……..A Conversation with Rabbi Rami: B’rachot, expressing gratitude for life’s gifts and wonder

SHABBAT MORNING STUDY SESSION WITH THE RABBIS "Questions Over Answers;" "Lo BaShamayim He -- It Is Not In Heaven."
Judaism may well be unique among the religions of the world in that it values questions over answers, and human reason over divine revelation. Rabbis Rami Shapiro and Mark Levin will discuss how the ancient Rabbis (hazal) established a unique system of study and interpretation that has kept Judaism alive and vital for 2,000 years.  Click here to download the Study Sheet for this session.

“We are all born in the image of God, but living out the likeness of God is a choice.”
Lovingkindness is one of Rabbi Rami’s flagships. He has spoken at conferences, lead retreats, and written a book on the subject. Join Rabbi Rami for an exploration of the meaning of lovingkindness and how we can infuse our lives with this transformative practice.

SUNDAY MORNING SESSION WITH THE RABBIS ~~ A Conversation with Rabbi Rami: B'rachot, expressing gratitude for life's gifts and wonders ~~
“Judaism calls for revolution or it calls for nothing at all.” (R. Rami) Join Rabbi’s Rami and Cattapan for a discussion of one of Judaism’s most powerful and enigmatic tools of revolution: the concept of B’rachot.