Shalom Squad

The Shalom Squad has the unique assignment of assisting the congregation in building a sacred community by addressing the needs of: greeting, hospitality and friendly attentiveness during worship and social opportunities.

The Squad is dedicated to encountering people “panim el panim, yad b’yad” or ‘face to face, hand to hand”. A welcoming system such as the Shalom Squad can change the whole “feeling tone” of a congregation. Visitors and guests are not left to wander in our building, looking for a specific room or person. With the Shalom Squad volunteers in place, guests are greeted at the front door and welcomed. People who appear lost in our worship services can count on someone helping them find their place. The consistency of striving to reach the goal of sacred community will create a different feel and energy before, during , and after the services. Plus, the Shalom Squad feel good that they have fulfilled the mitzvah of hachnasat orchim, hospitality.

The Shalom Squad is in need of your friendly face. Please email the Squad coordinator Betsy Wanger at or call Laura Intfen at the Beth Torah office at (913) 498-2212.