Getting Involved

Congregation Beth Torah’s Vision includes the statement “We are committed to maintaining and building VOLUNTEERISM as the lifeblood of our congregation.” You can become a part of this vibrant organization and begin your journey to achieving your own covenant by joining in on any of our volunteer opportunities.

Join the wonderful group of people who volunteer at Congregation Beth Torah. There is a way for everyone to become involved-we need everyone’s help to strengthen our community. Please contact Laura Intfen, our Director of Operations at the Beth Torah office or send her and email at

K’sharim Committee is a volunteer opportunity in which everyone in the congregation participates. The K’sharim connection has been reaching out to members since 1994. It is the philosophy of Beth Torah to build a caring community. A community committed to establishing a connection to one another in times happiness, sorrow and uncertainty. We have developed the K’sharim connection to include the entire congregation. We believe that each member welcomes the opportunity to reach out to another congregant in need. It is also our belief that when acts of kindness are given toward one another and shared by all, we have truly become a caring community.

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