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Community Blood Drive

5/10/2017 - 2:30 p.m.

Have A Heart...Save A Life

Join us, along with BIAV and Congregation Ohev Shalom, for the next Beth Torah Blood Drive on Wednesday, May 10th, 2:30-6:30 p.m.

Please remember that due to inclement weather this winter, the Community Blood Center came up short during their winter blood drives. Help rebuild the bank! Thirty-seven percent of the population is eligible to donate blood, yet only 7 percent performs this life-saving mitzvah. Be a 7-percenter and join your friends at Beth Torah at our next quarterly Blood Drive.

Schedule your donation online today at (ever sponsor code “bethtorah”), or call Scott Franklin at (913) 645-1036 or email him at

According to the American Red Cross, someone in the U.S. needs blood every two seconds Today, fewer than 4 of every 10 people in the U.S. are eligible to give blood. Fewer than 1 in 10 actually donate. Approximately 40,000 pints of blood are used each day in the United States. Approximately 1 out of every 7 people entering the hospital needs blood. 1 donation has the potential to save as many as 3 lives. 3 teaspoons of blood can save a baby's life. If 50 people donate, they could provide enough blood to take care of victims of a major car accident. If 20 people donate, they could help 1 burn victim. (source: Upcoming Blood Drives: Wednesday, August 9 Wednesday, November 1

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