Resources for Torah Study

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On-Line Resources for Torah Study

AMIT Daily Torah Study
AMIT stands for Americans for Israel and Torah. The Divrei Torah available on this site are written by students learning in AMIT schools in Israel. These are commentaries written by students for students.

Bar Ilan University: Academic Articles on the Weekly Torah Reading
Americans Lectures on the weekly Torah reading by the faculty of Bar-Ilan University in Ramat Gan Israel. A project of the Faculty of Jewish Studies, Paul and Helene Shulman Basic Jewish Studies Center, and the Office of the Campus Rabbi. Published on the Internet under the sponsorship of Bar- Ilan University’s International Center for Jewish Identity.

Especially for Girls
A weekly cartoon about the story Jews are reading in the Torah right now. A different writer tells the parasha in four minutes.

My Jewish Learning
This excellent site touts itself as “...a trans-denominational Website of Jewish information and education geared toward learners of all religious and educational backgrounds.” This is a great site to peruse as a family!

Portion Clubs
Sign up and under “Torah” you can connect with other parents or students preparing to read and teach from the same Torah portion. Parents may find other helpful information on this site.

Union for Reform Judaism
The Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) offers a weekly Torah study written by rabbis and educators from across the United States. Most recently, these are written as ready-to-use Torah studies. Older versions are written mostly as mini-sermons.