Educating our Future NOW

A campaign to Sustain Chai (Life) at CBT through Education

From Consecration through Education to reach Confirmation

Continuing Beth Torah’s innovative shift in membership commitment. Religious school fees are now included, and school enrollment has opened to the Jewish community

How can you help? 

We’re asking all our members to participate in Educating our Future.

First, please serve as “Personal Beth Torah Ambassadors.”  Whether you have kids in the school or not,  represent the school and our congregation. Invite your friends to check out our synagogue, and to experience first-hand how special religious school is at Beth Torah. The single best way for us to get 10 new families each year is for current families to connect us to people they know.

Second, donate if you can. Support the bold steps taken in support of a critical Beth Torah value of education, cited over and over during congregational focus groups.

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