Frequently Asked Questions about the Beth Shalom/

Beth Torah early childhood education collaboration

What is this costing the congregations?
The congregations aren’t exchanging any money for this collaboration.

Did we make this decision because Beth Shalom is in financial straits or is short-staffed?
No. The goal of this project is to increase the number of families who enroll their children in a Jewish preschool or early childhood education program. Beth Torah is pleased to partner with Beth Shalom Rose Family Early Childhood Education Center where families will find a warm, personalized environment for beginning their children’s Jewish education.

Will Beth Shalom end up losing young families to Beth Torah?
This partnership is about providing a quality Jewish education to our youngest members. Beth Shalom and Beth Torah are unique congregations, and are not interested in “stealing” each other’s members. We are pooling resources so that families receive more value from the existing educators in our community.

The Rose Family Early Childhood Education Center is a Conservative synagogue. Will there be curricular changes to reflect Reform Judaism?
No. The RFECEC is an egalitarian, Conservative preschool with a curriculum reflecting their movement. Although our congregations affiliate with different movements, and as such have different ways of observing Judaism, the foundational experience of a solid Jewish preschool education is a sacred value shared by both affiliations. You can see more about the curriculum at under the “Lifelong Learning” tab.

Can Beth Torah members pre-enroll to reserve a place in the summer camp or preschool?
Enrollment for summer camp 2011 and preschool 2011-2012 is currently open and available to the general public and all interested families. In the future Beth Shalom members will have the first opportunity to pre-enroll their children during spring registration. Then, the parents of current students will have the chance for early registration. Finally, the general public is eligible to enroll, including Beth Torah members who are not yet current students.

There are other Jewish preschools in Kansas City. Are you saying Beth Torah members shouldn’t go to the other preschools?
No. We celebrate the diversity in Kansas City. We are giving parents another quality educational option. The partnership between Beth Shalom’s Rose Family Early Childhood Education Center and Beth Torah allows our families to choose a congregational preschool where all can pay member rates.

Who do I contact if I have any additional questions?
Beth Shalom: Judy Jacks Berman, Director of Early Childhood Education
(913) 647-7287

Beth Torah: (913) 498-2212