Adult B'nai Mitzvah

Have you ever considered taking part in an adult bar or bat mitzvah? We’ll be offering a year-long adult b’nai mitzvah course this year at Congregation Beth Torah, so now is your chance. The class meets for Hebrew instruction and classes on a range of Jewish education topics throughout the year, culminating in a group ceremony in the spring. Gather your friends and take part! The class costs $200, materials included. Please register through the Beth Torah office by August 29th.

The adult b’nai mitzvah class is for adults to gain the skills to:

  • engage in meaningful Torah study
  • read from the Torah
  • participate in Shabbat morning tefillah
The requirements for the class are:
  1. Mastery of the material: Hebrew reading, Torah study, liturgy of the Torah service
  2. Participate in Mitzvah Day or another congregational social justice initiative
  3. Participate in one social justice project during the year as a group, determined by the group
  4. Read at least one book from the Beth Torah library and deliver a report to the class. Alternately, read a Jewish book not in the library and donate a copy to the Beth Torah library.
  5. Attend congregational Shabbat worship at least twice a month, September – May, including at least one Shabbat morning service per month
  6. Consistent class attendance

2011-2012 Adult B’nai Mitzvah Class Mitzvah Project

Take eight adult students; mix various backgrounds and experiences, assign them the project of developing and executing a group social justice project while studying to become a b’nai mitzvah. For the eight of us, the decision to help Yachad, Kansas City’s Kosher Food Pantry was a given.  Inspired by Sherrill Parkhurst, our Hebrew teacher and the head worker bee of Yachad, we embarked on a mission to make a difference in our community. Unlike other local food pantries, Yachad has no income guidelines and is open to anyone regardless of their religious affiliation.  Through a generous gift card from Hy-Vee, 135th and Antioch, we were able to purchase 20 boxes of cereal. In addition Price Chopper-Watts Mill donated all left over Passover food to the  pantry.  Thanks to the members of our congregation we were able to sort and  deliver a large amount of food through the Manischewitz Rock Can Roll food  drive to the pantry.  Furthermore, Manischewitz promised to match what was  donated can for can to Yachad.  A wonderful surprise and extraordinary donation in the amount of $350 was presented to Yachad by group member  Sherry Abramowitz.  Sherry won the money in a drawing sponsored by the Beth  Torah gift shop and selected Yachad as the charity of her choice.  Taking our  project one step further, we asked family and friends to help us celebrate this  very special simcha in our lives by bringing  donations of coffee/tea, cookies or  crackers for the pantry.  We want to thank everyone for their help in making  a difference in the lives of many others within our community.  Yachad is a registered member of Harvesters-The Community Food Network and is located at 6201 Indian Creek Parkway, Overland Park, Kansas.